About Mommy


I am Navy wife to an amazing husband and father. I am a SAHM to 2 beautiful boys that light up my world and keep my heart so full.

I spend majority of my day wiping butts, cleaning up messes, and laughing at the silly things my sons do. Between being tired and attempting to be the best wife and mom possible; I enjoy blogging, shopping, and getting my mom bod back in shape!

I just turned 30 years old (about the time when I saw my first gray hair and also when I had my first stroke due to seeing the gray hair). Now that I am another year older, I have been testing out different beauty products to protect what is left of my youth.

I hope you enjoy my parenting stories, my beauty do’s and don’ts as well as my many other experiments and adventures.

I have found parenting to be more difficult in some areas than others. I definitely don’t pretend to be the perfect wife or mom, nor do I try to be. I admire those mamas that always seem to have it together. While my hair goes unwashed some days, my shirt is stained from lunch, and the dishes are piled high; I am just trying to keep my sanity and my family happy and healthy.

Fuller Living

Join me in my adventures of being a Fuller and living life to the fullest!