Building Memories with My Little Bundles of Joy


4th of July is right around the corner and with two little one’s, I am feeling panicked! I always look forward to holidays to create wonderful memories with our two boys! It is also super stressful. 


Besides planning a fun-filled weekend, I must also plan for food and clothing – meaning I must consider all activities! For our 4th of July this year, we are planning to spend some time out in the pool. I always have a checklist when packing our pool bag because forgetting one item can create a catastrophe.

My checklist this year (now that we have 2 kids!):

I really couldn’t make it through a pool day without Huggies! We don’t want to have any pool “accidents.” Huggies really helps me to feel better knowing that they are secure on my little’s tush! Huggies always has us covered when it comes to us making memories together as a family. 

Not only do we need Huggies Swim Diapers for the pool, but we need Huggies to keep them dry after swim time is over!

We use Huggies for so many parts of our kids lives, whether it is for the pool, regular play time, or for potty training time! 

You’d think we would be spending too much money on Huggies since we use several of their products. Luckily we have a Sam’s Club Membership, where we always bundle & save on Huggies! Not only do we save money on diaper bundles, but it is so convenient now that we have 2 kids. You can order online and Sam’s Club will have everything ready for you when you arrive to pick it up. It is that easy! You can even use their app when you arrive or their drive-thru window so you don’t even have to go to the register. 

Now through July 17, 2017, you can score $10 off 2 or $18 off 3 Huggies products including, diapers, wipes, training pants, or swim pants to save on your #newbundlesofjoy. 

Check out your local Sam’s Club Club Pick-Up and/or Scan & Go options to spend less time shopping, and more time building memories with your little ones!


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