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My Fav Product for Dry & Eczema Prone Skin


If your a mom of children that suffer from eczema, then you know finding the right combination of cleansers and creams is REAL! My oldest boy has suffered from eczema since birth and so far our youngest is eczema free! We have tried every product over the counter as well as prescriptions from creams & ointments to steroids. Lately, my son has repeated flare-ups since we live in a very dry climate. Not only is it red and blotchy, but it is severely itchy. We have spent many nights together in oatmeal baths, while he sobs that his skin hurts. 


Every product that promised to help to ease the woes of eczema, did absolutely nothing. Then we discovered Mustela Stelatopia! A whole line dedicated to eczema-prone skin. Not only that, but it works! After just one bath, you could notice a significant difference in my son’s skin. While cleansing the skin, it also softens the skin. It also leaves a fresh, subtle smell.


Mustela Stelatopia combines the best of science and nature to produce products. It is 99% plant-based biodegradable formula. This is completely safe to use on younger infants too. I highly recommend giving it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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