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Starting Your Infant on Solids


Starting Your Infant on Solids


As a mom, I have heard all the horror stories from other mamas about starting my 3 month old on solids. We were constantly struggling with our son’s acid reflux and I felt helpless as a mother. I was afraid that it wasn’t healthy for him or that it was just empty calories.

After consulting with our pediatrician, she highly recommended using Gerber Rice Cereal in my son’s bottle to help with acid reflux. When I left the pediatrician, I immediately hit up Target! Plus there is a Target Cartwheel available for Gerber Cereals. So I dragged my 2 boys to Target, stroller in tow and grabbed my 3 month old some Gerber Rice Cereal and my 2 year old Gerber Oatmeal Cereal. What one gets, the other must have (sibling jealousy).


I added a tablespoon of the Gerber Rice Cereal to every bottle my sweet boy consumed and it mixed really well with the formula. I noticed an immediate difference in his acid reflux. He was no longer vomiting nor had excessive spit-up.


I had comfort in knowing that Gerber Cereals contains a VitaBlocks Nutrient Blend, which consists of Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and six B vitamin. Our boys were getting the essential vitamins for healthy growth and calcium to help build healthy bones and teeth.


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