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Can children be educated with screen time?



What parent doesn’t enjoy a meal at a restaurant, where they don’t have to clean up? I know I do. At the same time, I dread dragging my two boys to ANY restaurant. My two-year-old, Brody, can’t sit down for two seconds. Yet, I always bring him and his brother with me.

One of my good friends always invites us out for lunch and I hate missing out on adult time, as many SAHM’s do! I always tell myself they will be good this time. And Brody is pretty good for the first 30 minutes, and then all HELL breaks loose!

First, he starts off climbing all over the table. Grabbing the salt and pepper shakes, reaching for the knives, and eating food he hates that he spits out everywhere. I sit there constantly asking him to sit down and be good before I lose it. I sit there “patiently” asking him to sit down and be a good boy for mommy. Then it happens, he crawls under the table and hands me all the crumbs and utensils he finds. Suddenly, Brody pops up on the other side the booth – completely interrupting our friend’s meal!

At this point, I have had it! Then a beam of light rains down on me, the waitress has arrived with our food! Yay! Finally, my son will sit his butt down and let mommy consume a meal for maybe about 5 minutes.


Brody is all of a sudden not hungry. Then we play the whole game over again. I was at my wits end trying to find something that will entertain my son, but also be educational. Cartoons on YouTube, toys, anything at all!

I have had many friends recommend the Kidloland App. I was extremely hesitant to download yet another app that Brody would not care for and waste my time. I was desperate though and needed a moment of peace.


I gave in and downloaded the Kidloland App on my Android.


It was THE BEST DECISION I have made. The Kidloland App is geared toward pre-school aged children and is extremely educational. It was well worth the price.


The Kidloland App has 24 different game categories and under each category there are more games. The games range from Alphabets, Numbers, Puzzles, Nursery Rhymes, Activities, and much more! Each game is very interactive and if your child gets bored of one game, then you can introduce him or her to several others.


Needless to say, Brody actually sat down the remainder of dinner. He sang along with the songs. He named off the many animals. He even tried to sing the alphabet, which we are currently learning. I was amazed at what we walked away with from that dinner. This is my new saving grace that is until he has completely learned everything on the app.

I really recommend trying this app. And I am going to give you the chance to try it free!

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