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Two Minions

Why didn’t anyone tell me that going from one child to two was going to be freaking HARD?

It has been three weeks since I have been a mom of two sweet boys. And honestly, I think they are out to get me!

If Brody (my 2 year old) isn’t being exceedingly jealous of his newborn baby brother, Landon, then it is Brody showing his butt and throwing a “Terrible Two” tantrum. I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know how any mom can deal with it! I should have waited until Brody turned 18 years old and then I should have had my second. Maybe then, I would still have my sanity.

Discipline. They say. Be consistent. They say. Obviously, these people are raising Little Angels and I have spawned evil demon children.

I should have known that all the crap I gave my parents growing up would come back to haunt me in ways I never imagined.

Between cleaning the house, worrying about finances, and raising two kids; I am just trying to keep my head above water and keep my babies alive.

I have no problem with the sanctimommies or even the crunchy mamas! I just don’t have time to add anything to my life that requires more than handing my son a juice box and sitting his ass in front of the TV with some Paw Patrol on REPEAT! I mean as I am typing this, my son is hanging on my head like a gymnast and screaming like a freaking banshee.

Brody is at the beautiful age, where any amount of discipline has absolutely no reaction from me.

Most of day goes like this….

::Brody screaming and crying::

Me: Are you hungry?

Brody: No

::shakes head::

Me: Are you thirsty?

Brody: No

Me: Did you poop?

Brody: No

Me: Do you hate mommy?

::shakes head yes and runs away::

In these moments, I look at Landon and thank God that he can’t speak or crawl or walk. Then I consider, not teaching Landon to speak or crawl or walk….but I am trying to be a good mama and plus I can’t handicap the little one. It isn’t his fault that Brody has ruined any good expectations from Landon.

So while I wait for Brody to out grow these horrid times and for Landon to reach them, I am going to take my stress out by exercising. And some nights, maybe through a glass of wine.

My boys are my heart and soul, but sometimes I just need some me time to recuperate. Boys will be boys! I can’t blame them for being so excited to hang out with mommy all day!


2 thoughts on “Two Minions

    1. Your telling me I have to wait a year for it to get better? Oh goodness, I guess I’ll keep them until then 🙂 Besides they didn’t come with a return policy 😉

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